A downloadable character creator

An Experimental Character Creator

Korean Folk; Character Creator is an experimental character creator originally created for the Bookmark Game Jam and the Folklore Game Jam 2020

It's more of an idea I wanted to explore and play around with. As such this iteration of the game is free.

If people are interested I'll see what I can do to further develop it. 

Inspired By

  • 무속 신앙 (Korean Shamanism)
  • 탈춤 (Korean Mask Dancing)
  • Mad Libs
  • The physical constraints of bookmarks
  • 기승전결 (More commonly known on the internet as Kishōtenketsu)

Meta Instructions

  • Pages are horizontal and letter-sized. 
  • Each page allows you to print them on one side, cut them out, and fold them in half to create easy bookmarks.
  • The color file contains an extra page of empty bookmarks with a colored background that can be used for your own character creation.
  • Both Color and Print Friendly files are in the CMYK color space for printing.

Important Notes

  • This game is partly inspired by 부적 as used by 만신 with respect to the personal connection between writer and symbol as well as the physical shape of the paper. However you are not creating talismans.
  • That said, please make sure to avoid cultural appropriation.
  • The character archetypes were derived from 탈춤, especially 하회별신굿탈놀이 due to its application as a shamanic ritual.
  • If you have any feedback please leave a comment here!


Korean Folk; Character Creator_Color.pdf 5 MB
Korean Folk; Character Creator_Print Friendly.pdf 5 MB


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Sounds to be a pretty cool idea!

I guess it could be really cool to have it when reading a book (solo adventure book or any "normal" book, or reading a book with a kid so they can create their own character mixing theirself + your prompts)


Thank you!

Yes I initially imagined this as a quick way to make a backstory for a character (I was always annoyed that a character's backstory in D&D 5e was left as an empty block on the character sheet). So the applications you mentioned sound like great fits.

Thinking about it, I can also see this being handy if you're reading an informational book on Korean folk customs and want to make your own characters based on what you're reading.


i don't know a lot about Korean folk customs and i rarely saw books on it in librarys but that could be a motivator to look for one :)